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“Whistle” Soundtrack Out Now!

In 2002 I wrote one of my first film scores, for Duncan Jones “Whistle”. Before releasing the soundtrack I always felt that I would have to re-edit and remaster the score. After 19 years, I finally started to track down the original files, but the Pro Tools session was lost many moons ago on a hard drive somewhere in Canada. All I had left were the 8 track DTRS Tapes that were made as a back-up. With those tapes, I was able to reconstruct it, with amazing help from Thomas Körffer, who exported the stems and Alexander Klein, who re-edited and remastered the score from scratch. The result is far beyond what I would have thought possible from those original 8 track tapes. Big thanks as well to Alice Bacher for a great album cover.

Duncan described the film once as “my dry run at a feature film”, I could say the same about my involvement in the score. It is far from perfect, but it is a nice document of the beginnings of my career as a film composer.

If you’d like to watch the actual film, you can see it as a bonus feature on Duncan’s “Moon” DVD/Blue Ray.

“The Whistle” Orchestra

percussion: Kevin Romanski, Jonathan D. Shapiro

piano: Penelope Aboli

accordion: Spiff Wiegand

violin I: Chris Fyhr, Chris Klaus, Mariya Borozina, Alicia Lagger

violin II: Chaerim Kim, Yibin Li, Anaur Desai Stephens

viola: Derek Smith

cello: Alice Huang, David Gotav

double bass: Benjamin Moylem

Producer: Steven Golden
Recording Engineer: Jason Jacobi
Recording Mixing Engineer: Aaron Rosenbaum
Myers Recording Studio NYC  2002

Digital Transfer Thomas Körffer 2021 (www.energy-dat.de)
Re-edit, Re-Mixing, Re-master 2021: Alexander Klein
Studio Brunnenstrasse Berlin  2021
Whistle Cover Alice Bacher (www.alicebacher.de)

© 2021 Stephan Kobrow Musikverlag, Edition Christian Biegai