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Tatort -“Rhythm and Love”

Kerim König and I just finished the last touches of the score for the brand-new Tatort episode with the title:

Rhythm and Love

Our schedule got turned upside down due to Corona, but we had tons of fun writing the music for it and had many moments, were we simply couldn’t stop laughing.

If you want to know, why it’s been so funny, tune in on

May 2nd, 2021

ARD 8.15 pm 



ARD/WDR TATORT: RHYTHM AND LOVE, am Sonntag (02.05.21) um 20:15 Uhr im ERSTEN.
Sucht noch den richtigen Rhythmus: Prof. Karl-Friedrich Boerne (Jan Josef Liefers) nimmt an einem Trommelkurs auf dem Erlenhof teil.
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