Tatort – Rhythm and Love (2021)

Original Score composed and produced together with Kerim König, directed by Brigitte Bertele.

Barcelona Krimi – Blutiger Beton (2020)

Original Score for the 4th installment of Barcelona Krimi, composed and produced together with Kerim König, directed by Isabell Šuba

Blutige Anfänger (2020)

Original Score for the first season of Blutige Anfänger, composed and produced together with Kerim König.

Ku’damm 59 (2018)

Original Score for the third part of the TV Series by Sven Bohse

Ellas Entscheidung (2016)

Original Score for the TV Feature Film by Brigitte Bertele

Mi America (2015)

Original Score for the feature film by Robert Fontaine. Created with my wonderful studio buddy Olaf Taranczewski

Grenzgang (2013)

Original Score for the TV Feature Film, written for strings, clarinet and piano.

Löwenzahn (2011-2019)

The sun, planets, supernova, solar systems, all in one piece of music.

The mole.

Family Meals (2012)

Solo Piano by Andreas Kern.

Der Brand (2011)

My arrangement of J.S. Bach’s beautiful cantata: “Ich habe genug”

Then I See Tanja (2010)

Solo Piano by Andreas Kern

Piano:  Andreas Kern, Bass: Roland Fidezius, Viola: Marla Hansen, Guitar: Zane Forshee

Uganda’s Mountain Gorillas (2008)

Original Score created with samples, African percussion, bass clarinet and soprano saxophone.

The Big Picture (2007)

Original Score, recorded with members of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, for the TV Series about the history of New Zealand art.

Wir Sagen Du! Schatz. (2007)

Samuel Finzi is giving his singing debut in Marc Meyer‘s dark comedy.

Sunday in August (2004)

My first collaboration with Marc Meyer.

 Whistle (2002)

One of my first film scores, written for Duncan Jones. We met while I was studying at the Royal College of Music and Duncan went to film school in London. You can  find the short film on the DVD or Blue Ray of Moon in the Extra section.